2018-2019 Mastery Grading Scale


All Mastery assignments with grading criteria will be posted in Google Classroom. Students will use what they have learned in class and in small groups to complete a mastery assignment for each Course Standard. Assignments will vary on time needed for completion depending on the complexity of each standard and student proficiency levels. Some standards may be combined into one assignment.

Understanding where students are in relation to mastery of Common Core standards helps teachers and parents know if students need additional help, if students are proficient, or if students need further enrichment. In this course, students grades are determined by student performance on various grade level assessments, projects and/or presentations. Students are given multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery and proficiency of standards. For example, if a student receives a below proficiency score, he/she will not only be retaught, but will also have the opportunity to raise his/her score by improving the assessment, project and/or presentation multiple times throughout the term. We are committed to the Mastery grading model and excited for the opportunities that will be offered to our students for academic growth.

6th-9th Grading Scale

4=A The student demonstrates mastery of the standard (can apply and teach).

3=B The student demonstrates proficiency of the standard.

2=C The student can demonstrate proficiency of the standard with assistance.

1=D The student is unable to demonstrate proficiency of the standard, even with assistance.

0=F The student does not attempt to meet the standard in the allotted time.

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