Halloween Details

 Happy Halloween! We are planning on having a modified version of our annual Halloween parade on Friday, October 30th. Because the parade will start at 9:00am, we ask that students come to school already dressed in their costumes. There will be a virtual option and an on-campus option for parents and relatives to watch our on-campus elementary kiddos parade in their costumes. To watch our parade from home, parents will be sent a link to a YouTube live streaming session. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE YOUTUBE LIVE SESSION!

Students will be recorded as they pass by the office, one class at a time, and you’ll be able to see them in all their Halloween splendor! For those who would like to attend the parade for their on-campus children, they should bring camping chairs or blankets and set them up along the outside of either building (see attached map—the yellow dots indicate where families can sit). Everyone watching the parade on campus needs to be wearing a mask and should position themselves as close to the building as possible to allow our students to parade on the sidewalks surrounding the schools. Families should also allow six feet between them and neighboring families. Although individual teachers may choose to have other Halloween festivities throughout the day, we will not be asking for parent volunteers this year. Also, afternoon kindergarten families will receive information from their child’s teacher regarding their parade.

 E-learner students are welcome to dress up as well. Their teachers will let them know when they can show off their costumes from home via Zoom/Google Meet. So that the ENTIRE school can see our e-learners in their costumes, we ask parents to take pictures of their children and send them to Angelee Spader (aspader@questac.org) no later than Thursday, Oct. 29th. We will make a video compilation of these pictures and share it with all our students.

 Costume guidelines:

 Please note that costumes should be modest and without blood or gore. Also, face coverings must also be worn throughout the entire day. Students are welcome to paint their faces and wear Halloween masks; however, those masks will only be worn when directed to do so by the classroom teacher (e.g. during the parade, when a class picture is taken, etc). Weapons and anything that depicts violence are not allowed on school property (knives, guns, swords, spears, etc.). If you have questions about costume accessories, please contact us. Just to reiterate, no blood, either depicted on the costume or in makeup, is allowed. 

We are excited to continue this tradition at Quest! We hope these precautions will allow us to celebrate in a fun, memorable way!

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Parent Teacher Conference Link

I’m posting the link for Parent Teacher Conferences again, just in case some parents missed it. When you Zoom in, it will put you in a waiting room. Once your designated time comes, I will let you into the Zoom meeting.

If possible, I’d love to have the students there during their conference. Can’t wait! Thank you!


Or use this code:

753 2324 9179

Password: dixon

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Breakfast & Singing

Quest Families,

We are excited to start offering breakfast this upcoming Monday! Breakfast, just like lunch, will be free to ALL students. Please note that these meals will be free until June! Though we originally thought this offer would end in December, this waiver from the government has been extended!

To start, breakfasts will be simple and more of a grab-and-go option provided in the Q1 lunchroom. A sample breakfast might include a muffin, a fruit, and milk. Jr. high students are welcome to enter the Q1 building through the front doors as early as 7:45am. By 8:00am, they should be heading back to Q2. Elementary students may enter Q1 at 8:00am. At 8:20am, elementary students will go outside to meet their teachers.

Please note that half-day kindergartners and e-learner kindergarteners are welcome to take advantage of these meals as well. These parents may contact Madeline Chestnut (mchestnut@questac.org) if they are interested or if they have any questions.

Also, here are some of the fun songs we’ve been singing:

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conference sign-ups are LIVE! Click HERE to schedule yours!

These will take place on October 20th & 21st and will be done digitally over Zoom.

Click here for the Zoom link: DIXON PTC

Or you can join us with this code: 753 2324 9179

Password: dixon

Let me know if there isn’t a time listed that works for you, and I’d be happy to schedule a different time to meet.

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Picture Day & Morning Drop-Off

Though parents have been allowed to drop their young students off these past few days, we now ask that students enter the building without adult assistance. Parents of kindergarten students are still welcome to enter the building so their child can be assessed by their teacher. Elementary students should enter the building through the front doors and then go out back through the recess doors. They could also go through the gate between the two buildings to access the back of the school. When the bell rings, they’ll line up as they’ve been taught. Thanks for your understanding in this matter as we try to mitigate student and staff exposure. 

Picture Day is September 1st! Mark your calendars!

Just a reminder that there will not be school on Friday (e-learning or on-campus) and that Thursday is a short day.

This week with your kiddos has been a blast! I love them so much already. <3

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Back to School Zoom Link

If you have any questions for me, come to our digital Back To School Night! Feel free to pop in any time between 6:30 – 7:30.

Use the link or Meeting ID below to join us:


Meeting ID: 795 8423 5811
Passcode: dixon

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Virtual Back To School Night

Here is a video with information about 4th grade:

If you have questions that the video didn’t answer or if you just want to meet me, come to our virtual Back to School Night. This will be held on Tuesday, August 18 6:30-7:30.  I will have a Zoom link for you to visit me during that time. I will post the ZOOM meeting link on my BLOG that day. Please make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded or are able to connect from the browser.

I can’t wait to get to know you all <3

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Welcome New Fourth Graders!

Welcome new 4th graders! I’m excited to meet you all. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 4.44.07 PM

The following information is based on GREEN Health Guidelines. Adjustments will be made if we are yelloworange, or red in August:
Tuesday, August 18, Back to School Night 5:30-7:30pm 
Thursday, August 20, First Day of School/Early out at 1:00
Friday, August 21, Early out at 1:00
Monday-Friday, August 24-28, Full week of school

You can bring individual supplies and pay for classroom supplies at Back to School Night. Click here for more details on that.

KIDS – Here’s something you can do NOW to prepare for 4th grade:
We use those multiplication facts you learned in 3rd grade all the time  in fourth grade! Go onto Reflex and practice, practice, practice!

PARENTS – Here are a few things you can do now:
1)  Please subscribe to my blog by clicking on the right and inputting your email address.  You will be sent a confirmation email.  You need to click the link on the confirmation email to complete your subscription.  Once this is complete, you will receive an email each time I update the blog. This is important to stay updated!

2) Please fill out this survey so I can get to know your child: Parent Survey as well as sign our Disclosure

3) Get the  BLOOMZ app on your phone and follow these instructions on the attached flyer.  I use this app for all parent communication along with my blog.
Our classroom code is: R6FPNG
Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 10.12.18 AM

Have a great summer! See you in August!
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To All My Fourth Graders

Here is a video I made for my fourth graders:

It has been SO FUN to be their teacher! <3
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