Parent Teacher Conferences have been pushed up to Jan 29 & 31. I have a previous commitment on the 29th, so I will need to leave early. I’m making some slots available on January 30th to compensate.
CLICK HERE to sign up for a time slot.

Our class has earned a class party! This will take place on February 1st. I still need to get approval from administration, but I’m planning on having a pizza/pj party. Click HERE to sign a permission form so your child can have pizza and soda with us. 

The mother-son dance is coming up. Here’s more information about it:
Dance Poster

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Week of 1/7 – 1/11

We’re back from the holidays and going full speed ahead in our learning! 

Homework this week is back: 2 days of Reflex, 2 days of Readworks, and the reading log. Please be sure your kids aren’t just clicking through the questions in Readworks. They will be required to redo any unsatisfactory work. 
Please check the Homework tab for details. Email or Bloomz message me if your child forgot their password to any of the homework sites (I see Bloomz messages first.)

For Christmas, I gifted students with a “No Homework” coupon. Students can choose to use this coupon any week for the rest of the year to get out of doing their homework for the week. 

Make it a great week!
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Back from the Break – Week of 1/2-1/4

Welcome back from Christmas Break!
This week we are jumping right back in and getting back into routines. There IS homework this week! However, it will just be one day of Reflex, one Readworks article, and the reading log. (Please make sure your child is being honest in their reading log. They should only mark the days they read.) Check the Homework tab for more information.


I’m excited to start 2019 with your kids. I have a feeling it’s going to be the best year ever!
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Week of 12/10 – 12/14

Homework is posted for this week! Check the homework tab on my blog for details.

Right now, I’m working on finishing up my master’s degree. This requires me to do a research project. Since I’m so passionate about music, I’m doing a study on how music influences memory in the classroom. I’ve sent home a consent form for parents and students to sign to have your child be a participant. The study is completely anonymous and your child’s name or any personal information will not be included in the study. If you and your child could sign the form and bring it back ASAP, that would be just super! Thank you for your help in this!

Our Christmas party is on Friday! Wahoo! We will not be having food, so no permission slip is required. We will be doing classroom activities for most of the day and a Christmas sing-along with the rest of the school. 

Please email me with any questions.
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Box Method – Division


I’ve had a few requests to show how to do multi-digit division using the box method. Here is a video of how to do it.
Let me know if you have questions.

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Week of 12/3 – 12/7

Homework is posted for this week! Check the Homework tab for details.

Quest’s 3rd-5th grade choir will be singing in Christmas Village this Thursday at 6:30. 

Our school play is at Ogden High this Friday at 6:30 or on Saturday at 2:00. 

We’d love to see you at these events to help support our school!
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Global Literacy

A note from our librarian – Mrs. Anderson:

What is our Global Community? 

Each year in the Q1 library, we like to encourage students to share their family’s heritage during our Global Literacy week.  In year’s past we’ve done a Diversity Quilt, which showed family traditions & flags representing the family’s origins.  We’ve also done a “Peace” wall to show the different languages in which our diverse population of students would say the word Peace.  This year I would like to display on a map where our students come from.  Show them a visual of our “Global Community” here at Quest.  By doing this we would like to know what State or Country your student was born, or if your student would prefer, where their family originates from.  We will then put their name on a “sticky” arrow & place them on the map.  I think this will be a fun way to show how diverse our student population is here in West haven, Utah. 

For responding, your students name will also be entered into a drawing to win a small prize here in the library.  There will be one winner per class.

It really is fun to see where we all originate from & have the students start thinking a little more Globally.  Also possibly finding a kinship with students from the same areas of the world.  

Thank you for participating!

Mrs. Anderson

Click HERE for the form.

Q1 Librarian

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Reindeer Run & Breakfast with Santa

Some fun events happening TOMORROW! 

Screen-Shot-2018-11-06-at-8.37.26-AM Screen-Shot-2018-11-06-at-8.38.34-AM
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Homework for 11/26 – 11/29 (And Happy Thanksgiving!)

I will not be at school the week of 11/26-11/29 (after Thanksgiving), but there is still homework. 

Students will have Reflex for two days, and Readworks for the other two (just like last week). Students are also still required to read 20 minutes a day and fill out the reading log on Thursday night.
See the Homework Tab above for more information.

Have a wonderful break and a great Thanksgiving!
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Homework for 11/12 – 11/16

Homework for this week and for the rest of the year is changing a little. Students will still be required to get the green light on Reflex for Monday and Wednesday. However, on Tuesday and Thursday, they will be doing a Readworks  article instead of Reflex. The class code to login for Readworks is DRSHSU. Their password will be 1234 unless they have set it to be something different. 

On Readworks, students will read an article and answer comprehension questions. Please encourage students not to rush through the comprehension questions and to try their hardest, looking back at the article if needed. Students will be required to redo the assignment if they are just clicking through questions. 

Students are still required to read every night and do the reading log on Thursday nights. 

Look at the Homework tab on the top of my blog for updated homework assignments every week and to access the Thursday night reading log. 

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