Computer Tech – Disclosure

Disclosure Letter – 8th/9th Grade – Computer Tech

Teacher: Mr. Greg Cypers



  • Required Individual Student Supplies: (Bring to class daily)
  • Pencils, Pens –black/blue (I will NOT accept assignments completed in red ink)
  • Notebooks (70 count spiral notebooks or 100 page composition books work well)
  • Flash Drive – 4gb size (Jump drive/thumb drive – whatever you call it. This can be

used for all of your classes)

  • A book for silent reading (To use after completing in-class assignments

early. Always keep one handy, just in case.)

  • A box of colored pencils


Jr. High Community Donation List: Please choose at least 3 items to donate.

  1. Reams of copy paper (As many of these as we can get would be appreciated)
  2. Containers of disinfecting wipes
  3. Roll of Paper Towels
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. Boxes of Tissues


Grading Policy: Your grade in will be based on a combination of Daily bell work

assignments, Daily assignments and Participation of in-class activities.


Homework Policy: Computer Tech is an ‘activity-based’ class and has very few

assignments that will be required to be completed at home. Most assignments are due

the day worked on in class. Any assignments given, as homework will have a due date

assigned. Assignments turned in past the due date will have points deducted.

Assignments completed more than one week past the due date will not be accepted and

will be given a zero grade.


Make-up work policy: Please refer to my website (listed at the top of this page)

updated with each day’s class assignment. Because Computer Tech is an activity based

class, missing school puts each student at a disadvantage. It is each student’s

responsibility to obtain the required assignment if they are absent. When students are

absent, they will have the same amount of school days to make-up work as they were

absent (i.e. if you were absent 2 days, you have 2 extra days to turn in work for full

credit). Special arrangements will need to be made for long-term excused absences.

For accommodations for those students who are unable to meet the due dates for any

homework assignment, please see Mr. Cypers.



I have read, understand, and will support Mr. Cypers with the guidelines set by this



Student Name: (Print) __________________________________________

Student Signature: ____________________________________________

Parent’s signature: _____________________________________________


Mr. Cypers teaches classes that focus around various careers and could use some

parent volunteers to come and discuss their career with his classes for 20-30

minutes. Doing so would count towards volunteer hours for the school. If you are

willing to help with that please complete the form below:


Name: ___________________________________________________________

Best way to contact you: ______________________________________________

Your occupation: ____________________________________________________

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