Make New Friends

Make new friends,

but keep the old.

One is silver,

the other is gold.

A circle is round

it has no end.

That’s how long,

I will be your friend.

We just finished off the best week talking about FRIENDSHIP! We learned how to say FRIENDS in sign language and read a fun FABLE about what you may think would be unlikely friends. The Lion and the Mouse. When our Fun Friday came around we decided to capture this fun week focusing on friends with a Directive Drawing of a Lion.

Other important lessons we learned last week were:


SOUND: /mmmmm/

HIGH FREQUENCY WORD: the (we previously have been focusing on I and can)

We are still working on Tracing the letters of the alphabet and numbers up to 20

Fun Fact …. When walking in from recess we were counting and friend near me got clear up to 100 by the time we got into the building!! Next time you are out on a walk with your kindergartener challenge them to count for you!!

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