All About Me

Hello Kindergarten Friends! Here is a little information about me, I am so excited to learn some fun facts about you.

I like vacationing where there are PALM TREES, but I never complain about camping under PINE TREES.

I love PEBBLE ICE in my drinks and POPCORN at the movies.

I am a WIFE and a MOTHER or in other words my families HEAD CHEERLEADER chanting over and over: YOU’VE GOT THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS and I BELIEVE IN YOU!

I am loyal to the Utah State Aggies because that is where I became qualified to be a TEACHER! My husband and son also have graduated from USU. I currently have 2 daughters attending there. (GO AGGIES!)

I am a big fan of FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL as our youngest daughter is beginning her sophomore year there.

I love to TEACH little friends their alphabet and how to write their names, but boy do I ever LEARN so much from them.

FALL and SPRING are my favorite seasons of the year because of how the weather changes the world around us.

BIKING HIKING AND KAYAKING keep me busy in the summer while we are not in school.

I can’t wait to cheer you on all year as we learn and accomplish great things together!!