20/20 CLEAR VISION: Focused on the Future!

What is your VISION?  Do you have one?  Have you thought about what your goals, your hopes, your dreams, and your plans look like?  YOUR MIND is the very first place those hopes and dreams will start to come to life!

EDUCATION is not just about learning to read, write, and do math!  NO WAY!  It is SO MUCH MORE!  Education is GAINING PERSPECTIVE!  Developing IDEAS!  Thinking about and FINDING SOLUTIONS and POSSIBILITIES!

That is what I love about reading, understanding, seeking, and applying information!  It always leads to MORE IDEAS and the more ideas you collect, the more options are available to you in your FUTURE!  ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES come with EDUCATION!

As an ELA instructor at Quest, I view my role as a Facilitator of the Future!  Assisting my students in the process of discovering and understanding the world around them is a beautiful thing to be a part of!

Students of today do not learn like students of the past.  They will not have the same expectations in their future. Students of the 21st Century have to be prepared to collaborate, explore, ask many questions, be comfortable with failing a few times (or more) in the process to find solutions to issues we haven’t even begun to tackle yet!

Gone are the days of do your homework, turn it in, get extra credit to get enough points for an “A”. TODAY requires a NEW KIND of student that is ready and prepared for the future.  Today’s students will MOST DEFINITELY be the leaders of tomorrow: the doctors, the engineers, the developers, the teachers, the innovators, the collaborators, the finders of cures, the problem solvers…..therefore…..THEY NEED SKILLS and ABILITIES, not just a piece of paper with a grade!

I pride myself on providing a 21st Century classroom for my students here at Quest.  The expectations and standards are high, but I make no excuse for them because OUR KIDS DESERVE THE BEST!

Welcome to Quest Academy Jr.-  



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DARE to be YOU!

Welcome back RAMS!  It’s exciting to begin a new school year and to set new goals!  One of the things that I love most about our students is that each and every one of you is UNIQUELY YOU!  Not one of you are the same and it is WONDERFUL!

Your world is filled with opportunities!  Some opportunities are designed to hold you back, but  MOST opportunities are available to help you GROW!

The WORLD NEEDS YOU!  There are so many things that have yet to be discovered or explored and it’s up to you to discover and share them!

LANGUAGE IS CRUCIAL!  Our ability to share ideas and communicate effectively is key to your success.  Every area of your life will require you to read, understand, write, talk, and present your ideas with  CONFIDENCE!

DARE to be YOU!  Embrace YOU and everything that YOU ARE!  Make mistakes as you learn and enjoy the process!  DARE to SHARE ideas!  DARE to EXPERIENCE failure and success!  Both of these will be a part of learning, working, growing, and above all helping others.

This year is dedicated to BIG GOALS, making WONDERFUL memories, COLLABORATING together, and EMBRACING our DIFFERENCES and also our GIFTS, TALENTS, and STRENGTHS.

QUEST is where WE ARE and it’s where WE BELONG!  I can’t wait to learn along side you in class this year as your abilities to become 21st CENTURY COMMUNICATORS takes off!  DARE to be YOU and DARE to BE POWERFUL!!!
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You are the MASTER of your GRADE!

Once you master a skill or concept NO ONE can take it away from you!  It transfers from something you HOPE to learn into something you KNOW!  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!  The idea behind BRINGING your “A”  GAME this school year is to strategize for a win!  How in the world do you win at the game of school and of learning?  Well, first you understand that your success in the classroom can happen similar to leveling up on a video game, or winning a contest, or scoring the most points to win a ball game.

All of these scenarios require skill, practice, repetitive effort (even if at first you don’t succeed!), and a strategy to outwit, outlast and outplay your opponent.  In MASTERY, your opponent is a CONCEPT, SKILL, or CORE STANDARD.  Once you understand the “order of operations” and the ideal result your answers are no longer a “guess”.  Your answers become a demonstration of your knowledge!

When you KNOW how to do something, you are no longer scared of doing it and you will do it more often.  When you realize how fun it is to engineer your words, ideas, and answers, you will look forward to engaging in SHARING your SKILLS in all areas of your life!  

My goals to help you, MY STUDENTS, bring your “A” game this year are as follows:

First- You need to know that the spirit of a RAM is one that is-

R-  Ready to
A-  Achieve
M-  Mastery

Quest students ACHIEVE MASTERY by:

A-  ALLOWING self and others the opportunity to grow and learn!
A-  ACKNOWLEDGING strengths and weaknesses in self and others.
       Celebrating strengths and embracing weaknesses as stepping stones
       to MASTERY.  Diversity is a GIFT! (We don’t all excel in the same 
       areas and THAT’S OK!
A-  APPLYING the skills mastered through hard work and life long learning.

Our vision of the future is NO EXCUSES!  JUST RESULTS!

Whether it’s in a classroom, a corporation, a community, or through collaboration…


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