Grades are now available to view online. We will not be sending home paper copies, so feel free to call the front office if you are not familiar with the steps for checking grades online.
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4th Grade Info

Here is some information about the end of the school year. I will edit this post if anything changes, so feel free to check back to this post over the next 2 weeks.

Friday, May 24th: Short day. Dollar dress down. School Talent show.
Monday, May 27th: No school.
Tuesday, May 28th: X-tra Recess Day. Free dress down. Pizza for lunch.
Wednesday, May 29th: YES day. 4th Grade Talent Show* from 9-10am, Field Day. Free dress down. Pizza for lunch.
Thursday, May 30th: 4th Grade Talent Show continued. Free dress down. Pizza for lunch. Yearbook signing. Last day of school. Zoom into summer!

*We will be having an end of year 4th grade talent show. It is very informal, and we are letting kids have 2 minutes to do a talent if they want.  They have already signed up for this.

ALSO: Students wanted to link to “Six Minute Podcast” (and other kid-friendly podcasts). Here is the link.
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What?! Another Field Trip?


The 4th grade just got permission to go on a last-minute field trip! We are going to go visit the Utah State Capitol Building on Monday, May 20th. We will tour the facility and see several exhibits that will reinforce what we have learned this year in Utah History. We are especially excited to see the Transcontinental Railroad display. Before returning to the school, we will cross the street and view several pioneer artifacts inside The Daughters of the Pioneers Museum.

What you need to know:
-Please pay the $5 field trip fee to the front office.
-We will be taking a school bus.
-We will be leaving the school at 8:30 sharp! (Don’t be late that day, or you will miss the bus!)
-We will be returning to the school at 2:30. 
-Students MUST wear a school uniform.
-Bring a sack lunch that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.
-Bring a light jacket and a small pack to carry your lunch and water bottle in.
-No electronics. We WILL enforce this rule on the bus.
-A small camera can be brought, but NOT a cell phone camera. (The school is not responsible for any damage/theft.)
-We have room for a few parent volunteers, so contact me if you would like to come.


Just a reminder…Please look at the post before this about our best dress on Thursday this week.

The end of the year is SO MUCH FUN! :)
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Thursday Best Dress

The fourth grade gets to have a free dress on Thursday because we will be performing “Utah, This is the Place” for the school in an assembly. Please have your student wear their best dress (uniforms are OK) on Thursday!

Also, book reports are next week. They are optional, so not everyone is doing one. Here is the schedule:

Mon, May 20th: Noah and Aaron, Charlee and Leiona, Aubree, Jessica
Tues, May 21st: Zoey, Adalai, Bryton
Wed, May 22nd: Eli and WIll, Kaylee (KK), Kairi and Andrew

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Prodigy Memberships

POQA has the opportunity to get Prodigy for any parents who are interested in upgrading their student’s free account to the paid version an annual rate of $12 per student account. The normal rate is approximately $9 per month or $60 per year so this is a significant (80%) discount. In order to receive this rate, a minimum of 30 parents must be willing to purchase the upgrade at the discounted rate ($12 for 12 months).

Click here to fill out the form to return to the front office:

Prodigy Parents Form
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RISE Testing This Week

Please be kind to your kiddos this week, and make sure they eat and sleep well. Our class is testing this week (and Monday). Please be sure your students are on time and are not absent, so they can do their best!

Our class testing schedule:
Monday 6th-Science
Tuesday 7th-Science
Wednesday 8th-Reading
Thursday 9th-Reading
Friday 10th-Math
Monday 13th-Math

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Parent Form

Parents, please click the following form to allow your child to chew gum during the test.

This for is for parents. No students are allowed to fill out this form.

Parents, please click this link and fill out this form for your student. Thank you!

Here is a link to sign up to volunteer at the carnival. It is a great way to get your volunteer hours, and they really need the help. :)

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Important Dates

Here are some dates to remember if you would like to mark you calendars!
Summer will be here in no time!

Wednesday, April 24, 6:30pm: “This is The Place” 4th Grade Program
Friday, April 26, 5-8pm: Arts Festival 
April 29-May 3: Book Fair
Tuesday, April 30: Class Field Trip to Thanksgiving Point
Thursday, May 2, 9am: Museum on the Move Visiting our Class with Fossils
Monday, May 6: RISE Testing Begins
Friday, May 10, 5-8pm: Luau Carnival 
Tuesday, May 14: Ogden Nature Center Visits the 4th Grade
May 20-23: Final Book Report Presentations
Monday, May 27: No School (Memorial Day)
May 28-30: Short Days
Thursday, May 30: Last Day of School

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Filed Trip Details

The entire fourth grade will be traveling to Thanksgiving Point to tour the Museum of Ancient Life on Tuesday, April 30th. Here is what you need to know!

-Please pay $7.00 per student to the front office before April 24th. Fill out the permission slip before April 22. Here is the link.

-Please wear shoes made for walking. (We walk about a mile to get to the museum from the station.) 

-Don’t forget to pack a lunch and bring a water bottle. We do not have microwaves or a fridge. (Four students ordered school sack lunch, and they know who they are.)

-No electronics are allowed on this field trip. Students may bring a book or cards for the train ride if they want.

-Do not plan on going to the gift shop, and please DO NOT send money with your student for the gift shop. 

-Meet at the Roy FrontRunner station on 4000 South between 8:00 and 8:20, and NO LATER THAN 8:20. 

-Meet NO LATER than 3:05 to pick up from the same station. 

-We have 5 free tickets for parent chaperones to attend. As a chaperone you will be in charge of 5 students all day, so please don’t take these spots unless you are willing to do this. If I get more than 5 volunteers I will choose by drawing. Chaperones PLEASE do not buy things for students in the gift shop.

-All parents are invited to come, but no siblings are allowed. You will have to buy a ticket to the museum and FrontRunner (if you are not one of the 4 chaperones). Adults are $20, Seniors are $15. You will pay your admission when you arrive at the venue, not at the school office. You are welcome to buy a FrontRunner pass and travel with us or drive separately. Please arrive at the museum before 10:00. Parents PLEASE do not buy things for students in the gift shop. It has caused a lot of problems on past visits.

Any other questions, just email me! :)

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Arts Festival

Arts Festival-Friday, April 26th from 5:00-8:00PM @ Quest Academy
-World’s Best Corndogs and Waffle Love food trucks
-Coloring Contest (K-5th grade) with prizes
-Chalk Art Contest with prizes
-Arts Showcase, categories are: pencil, colored pencil, paint/watercolor, photography, and other (sculpture, origami, pastels, chalk, etc.) with prizes
-Shirt Tie Dying
-Group Art Project
If you would like to submit a piece of art in the Arts Showcase, we will be collecting these soon. You may enter more than one art piece in the showcase. Also, stay posted for information on the group art project and shirt tie dying. Finally, the coloring page for the coloring contest will be distributed to teachers next week. It will be due back to your teacher no later than Wednesday, April 24th if you would like it to be judged in the contest. 
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