Field Trip – Tuesday September 17th

We have a fun day coming up!!! HAVE YOU ALL PAID YOUR $5 FEE???

Our first field trip is on Tuesday, Sept 17. Here is what you need to know: We will be departing from Quest Academy at 8:45.  Students can be dropped off to school at their normal time and follow their normal morning procedures.  At 8:30, we will come inside and take roll, use the bathroom and then board the buses. We will be arriving back at the school at 2:30ish for normal end of day pick up.
Remember please do not have them come if they are sick.

  • Bring a small water bottle
  • Bring a small jacket
  • Bring a refrigerated sack lunch                                                                                                    *If they ordered a school lunch, I will give it to them that morning. No microwaves will be available. Disposable bags are easiest. 
  • Small bag/backpack to carry their things.
  • No money-we will not be visiting the gift shop
  • Wear a school uniform-any colors
  • Wear good walking shoes
  • No electronic devices
  • Something small to play with on the bus. Please limit to one item — Nothing Valuable. Cards are a great option! If anything gets lost or broken-it will not be replaced by the school. 

Chaperone info: **If you were picked** Chaperones will need to be at the school by 8:30. You can wait in the classroom until we board the bus. Make sure you bring a sack lunch and water bottle. REMEMBER no siblings can accompany us. You will be riding the bus with us and are limited on seats.


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