February 10-14th

Valentine’s Day Celebrations info: 

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Friend Grams & Q2 Play

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Valentine’s Day & EVENTS

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 3.11.41 PMWe will have a short party on Valentine’s day, February 14th. It is VERY SHORT from 12:40-12:55. Students will exchange Valentines in the morning.  Then, students will get to read Valentine cards and play with their trinkets/stickers and whatever else they receive that day after lunch starting at 12:40. I don’t need any help this day from parents but you are always welcome to hang out with us.

Valentine boxes are not required but can be brought. They need to be made at home not at school. They can be very simple or elaborate it is up to you. If they don’t have a box to put cards into, I will provide them with a bag that day.

Quest guidelines in regards to Valentine’s: “Per Quest’s wellness policy, all food in the classroom must be pre-approved. Furthermore, parental permission is also required for students to consume food during class parties. Due to this policy—as in years past—student Valentines cannot contain edible items. Suggestions for nonfood Valentines include pencils, erasers, bubbles, stickers, etc. Please note that such items, including Valentine cards, are in no way required.

” We have 27 students in our class. Please have your child sign their name and not address the cards to anyone specific. That way they can be passed out quickly. Please have them bring enough for everyone in our class. Again, passing out cards in optional.

YMCA announcement:
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Upcoming Math lessons:
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REMEMBER: NO SCHOOL, Monday, 17th President’s Day
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We are heading on our last field trip this year. Museum of Ancient Life @ Thanksgiving Point. All are welcome to come. You just have to ride the frontrunner with us and pay your way. *We will be walking about 1 mile each way from the FrontRunner to the Museum. Only adults-no siblings please. SAVE the date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020
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