Remember to come see me next week!! Drop-off/Pick-up information.

Here is the email:
Quest Families,
We will have one final drop off and pick up next week on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30am to 5:30pm. Please notice that instructions for elementary and jr. high students are different. Also, there are no set times by last name as has been done in the past. Please feel free to come at your convenience.
Elementary Students: Kindergarten through 5th grade students will need to drop off borrowed Chromebooks, as well as pick up yearbooks, report cards, and other personal items. Please make sure to look for communications from your child’s teacher. In some cases, where Chromebooks were not borrowed, it may not be necessary to pick anything up. Again, teachers will let you know if you need to stop by or not. If you are dropping off a Chromebook, please see the below guidelines for returning them. To return a Chromebook for an elementary student, drive up to the kindergarten doors (see attached map), where an employee will check to ensure the Chromebook is returned in good condition. After verifying the condition of the Chromebook, families can drive to the Q1 main doors to pick up any items teachers have prepared. You’re done!
Jr. High students: Ninth graders need to return calculators and Chromebooks. All 6th through 8th grade students will be allowed to keep their assigned Chromebooks over the summer, and will not need to drop anything off. To return Chromebooks and calculators, families will need to drive to the back of the jr. high building. The first door on the back of the Q2 gym (see attached map) is where all items will be dropped off and checked for damage. As items are dropped off, simply tell the Quest employee your child’s name, and all pick up materials (including personal items and yearbooks) will be gathered and ready for you at the next set of doors. If nothing needs to be dropped off, just tell the employee at the first doors your child’s name and, again, materials will be ready at the second set of doors.
Procedures for returning Chromebooks:
  • If you have disinfecting wipes, please disinfect and clean the computer and cord before returning it
  • Computers need to be returned with the power supply cord
  • Computers need to be charged so we can check for screen damage
  • Be sure to inform us of any damage you are aware of
Fees or loss or damage include, but are not limited to:
Power supply Replacement ($24.97); Screen Replacement ($131.35); Full Chromebook Replacement ($232.00)
Wow! This year has been quite the adventure, Quest Families. We want to thank you for being so supportive and helpful through it all. We’ll see you soon! Have a happy summer break!
Quest Administration

Ram’s Got Talent

Sign up for Quest’s virtual talent show!Click here to access the virtual talent show website. The talent show will be available to watch the week of May 18th! All video submissions are due May 8th, so get out your phones and start recording your talented kiddos (please ensure recordings are less than 5 minutes)! Though you’ll be able to upload videos from your computer, you might find it a bit easier to do so from your phone. Here is a short recording to show you how to do this. 
I know I have talent in my class! Let’s show the rest of the school!
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