Important Reminders and Information!! PLEASE READ ALL


Quest Families,

We are excited to start offering breakfast this upcoming Monday! Breakfast, just like lunch, will be free to ALL students. Please note that these meals will be free until June! Though we originally thought this offer would end in December, this waiver from the government has been extended!

To start, breakfasts will be simple and more of a grab-and-go option provided in the Q1 lunchroom. A sample breakfast might include a muffin, a fruit, and milk. Jr. high students are welcome to enter the Q1 building through the front doors as early as 7:45am. By 8:00am, they should be heading back to Q2. Elementary students may enter Q1 at 8:00am. At 8:20am, elementary students will go outside to meet their teachers.

Please note that half-day kindergartners and e-learner kindergarteners are welcome to take advantage of these meals as well. These parents may contact Madeline Chestnut ( if they are interested or if they have any questions.

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