Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Form: Click Here.

Our class will be passing out Valentine’s cards Friday, February 12th. Students may bring a Valentine’s box to collect their special notes. If they don’t bring one, I will provide a bag for them to use. It is optional to bring Valentines to pass out, if they do, they need to bring enough for 27 students. Remember: NO food items.

Here are the Quest guidelines in regards to Valentine’s Celebrations at Quest:

“Per Quest’s wellness policy, all food in the classroom must be pre-approved. Furthermore, parental permission is also required for students to consume food during class parties. Due to this policy—as in years past—student Valentines cannot contain edible items. Suggestions for nonfood Valentines include pencils, erasers, bubbles, stickers, etc. Please note that such items, including Valentine cards, are in no way required.”To participate in passing out and receiving cards, please answer the following questions.

http://Click here for puppies form

One of our students would like to bring their puppies this Friday, January 29, 2021, for show-n-tell. If you would like your student to stay in the classroom while the puppies are shown, please fill out the form. If you would not like your student to attend, they will be going to another 4th-grade class to do an activity while the puppies are in the classroom. All students who have not filled out the form will not be able to stay in the classroom.

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