Summer Reading

Here’s a summer reading link that gives out prizes…..
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A few updates on 2nd grade testing, field trip, and countdown

Testing- Our class continues Dibels testing this Monday and, if we don’t finish, another day will be added.  Our EOY Math Diagnostic test date has been changed to Monday, May 13. Please make sure that your child is in school and on time every day.  We are finishing up our ELA/Math Curriculum and  reviewing for our tests.

Field Trip-Our field trip will return to Roy Station at 2:15 on Tuesday.  Please make sure thayou, or someone designated by you, is there on time to pick them up.  Please don’t be late-the kids get scared and the teachers’ have to try and track you down so please be at the station before 2:15.

Monday, May 6 is Imagination Day
Tuesday, May 7 is Jump on the Frontrunner Day
Wednesday, May 8 is Kickball Day.  We will play kickball with all of 2nd grade!
Thursday, May  9 is Laughing Day-Come prepared to tell a joke to the class
Friday, May 10 is Marker Day-we can do all our assignments (except tests) in marker for 1 day.

See you tomorrow!
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Volunteers needed for the Carnival
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2nd place in The art contest for 2nd grade

20190429_144940 Way to  go Titan! Way to  represent!
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Clarke Planetarium Field Trip on March 7, 2019

Good afternoon!  It is almost time for our adventure to SLC on the Frontrunner and the Trax system.  I wanted to make sure that all the adults/chaperones, as well as the kids, know the rules that they must follow on Tuesday.  I will be going over the KIDS RULES closer to Tuesday but it will help immensely if you go over them as well.  Also attached are the Parent/Chaperone Rules.  Make sure that you read them and if you have any questions please let me know ASAP.  There will be a lot of people there and it will be chaotic if you don’t know the procedures :)

I have received permission slips from everyone but Alli.  Please get that in.  I will also be submitting the school lunch request on Tuesday for those parents who told me their child would pay for a school lunch.  They will have to carry their own lunches, etc.  They are also responsible for keeping track of anything they bring because it’s extremely difficult to get lost merchandise back from UTA.  Keep an eye on the weather—last year it rained!  Have them wear good walking shoes-they will be doing a lot of walking.  

Chaperones, I will have your list of students that you will be responsible for.  I will also tell the students who their chaperone will be and that they must stay with their group regardless if their parent is there or not (if there parent is an officical chaperone they will be with their parent and 2-3 other kids).  All non-chaperone parents are welcome to stay with the group that there child is assigned to.   (This makes keeping track of the whole grade so much easier.).  Please make sure that you/your child is at the ROY Train Station on the time shown on your permission slip. The Frontrunner will not wait and neither can we.  Before I forget, please do not send your child on the field trip with money.  They will not be going to a gift shop.  I have wristbands for my students for the Frontrunner/Trax.  They will get that when they arrive at the train stations  Please make sure that you  or whomever will pick your child up at the train station at the end of the field trip is on time!  Last year we had several parents show up 15-20 minutes late and there children were drenched (remember it rained ).   
If you have any questions please let me know.

01_Adults Rules and Tips

02_Kids Rules and Tips

Teri Blok

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Monday, April 29,2019 is “DANCING DAY”.  We will have some fun dance time in class.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 is “EXPERIMENT DAY”  We will be doing experiments throughout the day…weather permitting.

Wednesday, May 12t, 2019 is “Furry Friend Day”.  They may bring a stuffed animal to school.  small enough to fit on their desks while they are working.  Theywill go home

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 is “Game Day”.  We’ll play board games in the afternoon.  Please don’t send any electronic/video games. 

Friday, May 3rd, 2019 is “HAT DAY”.  Wear a hat to school!
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Special Dollar Dress Down Day! Thanks Mrs. McBride!

We are so excited to announcehelp that this Friday we will be having a dollar dress down day. This is a very special dress down day for me. The money from this dress down will go directly to a project that my son and I are working on. In July, we will be going to Fiji on a service trip to help families in the village of Narikoso.  This village was directly hit by Cyclone Winston and is still recovering over two years later.  We will be helping in rebuilding structures as well as helping the villagers with business development, personal hygiene, dress downsustainability, and English lessons. If you would like to donate money you can bring money for the dress down day. Thank you so much for your help and support for this exciting project. 

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ABC Countdown

It’s that time of the year—The ABC Countdown. We will be counting down the last 26 days by doing some fun things. Wednesday is “A” Day-we will continue our art project. “B: Day- is Thursday. Please send in a baby picture of your child with their name on the back. Friday is “Critter Day” and we have a real surprise for them!!!!
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Field Trip Permission Slip

Clarke Planetarium Field Trip
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Spelling Words for the Week of April 8, 2019

Spelling Words for the week of April 8
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