Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

It’s that time of the year again! I’m excited to meet with you and talk about how much your student has grown since we last met. Please click on the following link to reserve your appointment. Thanks!
PTC Sign Up

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Multi-Digit Multiplication

Multi-digit multiplication is the math standard we are reviewing this week. Below is a link to Mrs. Anson’s blog. She has posted videos of herself modeling the methods of multiplication that the students need to know in order to master this standard.

Marvelous Math Made Easy
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Math Tutoring

As you know, students are expected to show mastery of each math concept. We have been working hard to go back and improve on any skills that were not mastered initially. I’m asking for help in practicing these math standards at home.

I will be inviting students for small group math tutoring at noon on either Wednesday or Thursday.  This way they can choose to miss PE or recess depending on their preference. We will go over a concept and practice it together. Then, I will send home a practice worksheet for them to complete with a parent or older sibling.  When the worksheet is returned, I will give them one more practice sheet and additional help, if needed, before having them retake the assessment. When I’ve met with students for tutoring, I will send an email letting you know to watch for the worksheet to come home.

I hope this helps our students move more quickly toward math mastery. Thank you in advance for your support!
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Mother and Son Dance

Dance Poster
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Christmas Party Permission

On Friday, December 14, our class will have a few Christmas activities that require parent permission. Please click on the link below and answer the following questions so your child may participate.  Thank you and happy holidays!

Christmas Party Permission Form

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Global Literacy Week

What is our Global Community?

Each year in the Q1 library, we like to encourage students to share
their family’s heritage during our Global Literacy week. In year’s
past we’ve done a Diversity Quilt, which showed family traditions
& flags representing the family’s origins. We’ve also done a
“Peace” wall to show the different languages in which our diverse
population of students would say the word Peace. This year I
would like to display on a map where our students come from.
Show them a visual of our “Global Community” here at Quest. By
doing this we would like to know what State or Country your
student was born, or if your student would prefer, where their
family originates from. We will then put their name on a “sticky”
arrow & place them on the map. I think this will be a fun way to
show how diverse our student population is here in West haven,

For responding, your students name will also be entered into a
drawing to win a small prize here in the library. There will be one
winner per class.

It really is fun to see where we all originate from & have the
students start thinking a little more Globally. Also possibly finding
a kinship with students from the same areas of the world. 

Thank you for participating!
Mrs. Anderson
Q1 Librarian

Google Form
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Quest Wellness Policy

If this is your first year at Quest, please review our wellness policy regarding food in the classroom. As Halloween is approaching, parents often ask if their children can bring candy to share for their classroom Halloween party. According to our wellness policy, students are not allowed to bring treats to share. Information regarding Halloween party treats will be given to parents one week prior to the party. All parents are required to give permission for their students to consume treats during these activities.

Please note that costumes should be modest and without blood or gore. Though students may paint their faces, masks and weapons are not allowed. Anything that depicts violence is banned (knives, guns, swords, spears, etc.). If you have questions about costume accessories, please contact us. Just to reiterate, no blood, either depicted on the costume or in makeup, is allowed. 

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I am looking for volunteers to read with our students each week.  There will be a training on November 1 at 12:30  for those that are willing to learn the HELPS program. This is an excellent program that will increase growth at all reading levels. Please let me know if you’re interested in volunteering, what day/days of the week and times you are available to come, and if you can make it to the training. Thanks! 

Volunteer Form
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Our class has earned a short read-a-thon for their excellent behavior and participation in class. This will be tomorrow afternoon. (Thursday, October 25) They may bring a small pillow or blanket as well as a book to read. Whatever they bring needs to fit easily in their backpacks. Because of our school wellness policy, no treats will be allowed.
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Parent Teacher Conference

It’s that time of year already! Please click on the following link to sign up for a time for you and your student to meet with me. Thanks so much!
Sign Up Here

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