Clarification for ALL the talent shows-GRADES-Dress Down info.

We have several talent shows notifications going around-emails, one on our marquee etc. Here is the 411 on that: Q1 will be holding a talent show tomorrow morning. To participate in this talent show, you had to apply and receive an email back from the school.  Our grade will be attending from 9:45-10:30. Very few Forth graders will participate. If you didn’t receive an email, you didn’t make the cut. There aren’t very many spots open for this show. Tuesday, Q2 is holding a talent show for the Jr. High kids. If you have a kiddo over there, you have been receiving those email too.

The Fourth Grade team will be having our very own talent show. We are holding it for an hour over two days. Wednesday and Thursday from 9-10. Our talent show is very informal. The audience will only be Fourth Graders and their parents/guardians. This is an opportunity for “ALL” (who want to) of the kids to participate. They can even show some art! Their performance will be limited to 2 minutes each. We have an electric piano to use for our pianists. I will help them project their art onto the screen that day. All other props they need for their performance, will need to be brought from home. I can get their music for them too. Music MUST be clean, child age appropriate music. If your child would like to participate, have them tell me. AGAIN, this is very informal but it would be fun to see them in a costume, dance uniform, etc. They will need to change into approved dress down clothes afterwards.

ALL of our testing is done and their grades are in the system! Report Cards are available on-line. The school will be sending an email out explaining how to access these. I make mistakes, let me know if you see one ;)

This is a fun summer activity, my daughter participated in it last year. 

Lastly, tomorrow is a $1  DRESS DOWN DAY. Last one on the year! Next week, is FREE DRESS DOWN ALL WEEK. IT IS SHORT DAY ALL WEEK TOO!

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Scholastic Reading

Dear Parents,

Below is the link & instructions for your kiddo’s to get started recording their reading minutes, as well as their usernames & passwords.  
*Click on purple “Kids, Sign In Here”
*A pop up will appear asking if you got a login from your school, library, or community group.  Click yes
*Enter your username & password, click sign in
*Scroll down the page, you’ll see the timer, & dashboard where you can start entering your daily reading minutes.  You can go back & enter your minutes from last week as well.  Just click on the down arrow for the week & then click on the pencil to add the minutes.
*If you keep scrolling down the page, you’ll see what rewards are available each week & see how many minutes our school has recorded.
*Happy Summer Reading!  Let’s get into that Scholastic World Record Book!!!
Thank you!
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 2.26.21 PM
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Summer Reading Programs

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 2.22.44 PMScreen Shot 2019-05-17 at 2.17.58 PM
Here’s the link:  

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 2.31.04 PMWeber County Summer Program

The below link is for the Weber County Summer Program, all they have to do is register & start reading.  :)
I also talked to the kiddo’s about downloading ebooks & audiobooks from the library system, here is the link for that as well.
Once they click on the link above, they can choose what app to download for the ebooks or audiobooks.  I use the overdrive app & it works great.  This is a fabulous resource for those who cannot make it to the libraries over the summer.  

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 2.33.23 PM
Barnes & Noble.  This is a great program because all the students have to do is read 8 books, record the title & author on a journal & take the journal into the store once completed & they get to choose a free book.  They’ve changed it a bit this year, only accepting the journals in the month of August but they’ve also given a great list of books to read for the summer by age group.  I would appreciate you posting this on your blogs when you have time.  

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HELP Retain all of their ELA Skills

Summer reading packets to keep them engaged and learning all summer long.
You’ll find:

  • High-quality nonfiction & fiction passages
  • A level right for every reader
  • Optional question sets
  • Ready-to-print packets
Here are some for kids that need to practice Fourth Grade ELA READING PASSAGES

Fourth Grade ELA passage-ANSWERS

Here are some for kids that are ready to head into Fifth Grade and Mastered MOST of Fourth Grade ELA.
Early Fifth Grade passages

Early Fifth Grade passage answers

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The Fourth Grade team are going to squeeze in one more field trip before the school year ends. We are going to go visit the Utah State Capital on Monday, May 20th. We are excited to tour the facility and see several exhibits that correlate with 4th grade standards. We are especially excited to see THE GOLDEN SPIKE-Transcontinental display. Before returning to the school, we will cross the street and view several pioneer artifacts inside The Daughters of Pioneer Museum.

Key info:
Pay $5 field trip fee.
We will be taking a school bus to and from the venues.
We will be leaving the school at 8:30 sharp and returning to the school at 2:30.
Don’t be late that day, or you will miss the bus.
Wear a school uniform.
Bring a sack lunch that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.
Bring a light jacket and a small pack to carry your lunch and water bottle in.
Only small book or card games can be brought to play on the bus. No electronics.
A small camera can be brought. *NOT a cell phone camera. *The school is not responsible for any damage/theft.
No siblings.
Each class will get to bring 5 Chaperones. Fill out the form below if you would like to come.

I WOULD LOVE YOU TO COME ON OUR TRIP WITH US….FILL OUT THE FORM AND MARK ‘YES’! We will draw out names if we have more then 5 parents wanting to come. We can’t have additionally parents join us, our tour only allows 150 folks per tour. Chaperones will need to pay $5 at the Quest office before joining us.

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Week of May 13-17

Reflex to a “Green Light” each night.
Read out loud every night for 20 min. Summarize what you have read to someone special. 
ReadWorks articles need to all be done to attend FUN FRIDAY!!!

download (1)DON’T FORGET TO PRACTICE OUR SONGS FOR OUR ENCORE PERFORMANCE! IF YOU MISSED OUR PREVIOUS PERFORMANCE, COME SEE IT THURSDAY AT 9:00 IN THE QUEST Q1 GYM. CHAIRS WILL BE PROVIDED ;) Students are encouraged to wear their fancy clothes. Their clothes need to meet our school’s dress code.
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Don’t forget that we have a talent show coming up!!! Let me know if you want to share your talent with us.talentProdigy Upgrade-Prodigy is offering POQA the opportunity for any parents who are interested in upgrading their student’s free account to the paid version an annual rate of $12 per student account. The normal rate is approximately $9 per month or $60 per year so this is a significant (80%) discount! In order to receive this rate, a minimum of 30 parents must be willing to purchase the upgrade at the discounted rate. ($12 for 12 months!)

If you are interested in participating in this optional parent discount program, CLICK -PRODIGY LINK

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 8.50.58 AMOur class has been working SUPER DUPER hard this week! We have SMASH several tests! We are going to celebrate with “technology day.” Friday, May 10th, student may bring any technology they would like.

Here are the rules:
ANYTHING they bring, could get broken. If it gets broken, our school will not pay to have it replaced. UNDER any circumstances -we are not liable for a broken or stolen device. ALL devices will be brought to my classroom in the morning and dropped off. Nothing is allowed outside during recess. The kids will play with them from 11:30-12:00, and 1:00-1:20. Given that they will play with them for about an hour, please don’t bring something that takes several minutes to set-up. Our school’s technology rules apply this day. All games must be rate “E” for everyone. There will not be wi-fi available or use of the classroom TV/Monitor. The easiest technology is our classroom technology. I will still have their Chromes computers available and ipads. They will be able to use student links, Bloxels, additional apps already loaded onto them.


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May 6-10 Announcements/Homework

We have several tests starting this week. Please eat a healthy breakfast, get to bed early, and come to class happy ;)
  • Finish ALL ReadWorks articles.
  • Reflex to a “Green Light” every night.
  • Play Prodigy, play Prodigy, and PLAY PRODIGY!!!
  • Read for 20 minutes out load to someone. Have that person, ask you questions about what you read.
  • Practice our Utah Songs-We have our school performance next week.
  • Tell your parent and anyone who will listen about your Dibels score!
REMINDER: The school Carnival is FRIDAY!!!
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Talent Show-May 29th, 9:00-10:00


We are looking for talented students who want to show us their talents! If you play an
instrument, sing, dance, know magic, or anything else that is entertaining…..LET ME KNOW! Even if you draw, play a sport, tell jokes-you can be apart of the fun. We have a BIG SCREEN that we can show off your art on! You just need to send me the pics, or make a movie of you doing your talent(s). Send me an email at or tell me about it in class so I can get you on the schedule. We will be performing with other 4th graders that mornings. The show is from 9-10:00. Parents and fans can come cheer too!

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A Few things going on-

Quest Carnival is this FRIDAY (May 10). If you need more volunteer hours, use the link to sign-up to help that night.Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 7.45.01 AMCarnival Sign-up Link Click HERE

  • The Scholastic Book Order is being closed today. Thanks for all who submitted an order;)
  • If you didn’t order a book through Scholastic Books, you can come into the school and buy a book at our Book Fair through Friday afternoon.
  • Also, come Thursday morning with your kiddo and enjoy Dad’s at Dawn. It begins at 8:00, you get a treat and can look around the book fair together. 
  • We still need Peppermint (blue wrapper) gum for test week. If you are willing to donate some, that would be amazing! Again, let me know if your child can’t have some.

BIG Thanks to all who came on the Field Trip Yesterday!!!

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