Welcome back to Quest

Mr. Stone’s class 2018-2019

My cell phone is 801-920-1740 (feel free to text me, if there is something that you want me know right away).  Email works too, as I check it several times a day.  tstone@questac.org

We will still be using Class Dojo for our Behavior Management System. Students will receive dojo points for doing what they should be doing and completing tasks. We have found that when students get rewarded for being on task, many students that weren’t on task, will quickly refocus, because they would like to be recognized as well. Each week, the student with the highest point total in each class period will get a prize out of the treasure box. The class store will open every few weeks and students will be able to trade in their dojo points for prizes that they can purchase. Even if the student didn’t have the most points in the class, the points still have value.

Homework will still be given to the student on the first day of the week. We are going to start this next week.  This year’s homework will be tied directly to a skill they are learning in class. It will be due on the last day of the week, however they will receive more dojo points if they turn it in earlier.

We will be having monthly field trips again this year. I will get a permission slip sent out as soon as I finish getting confirmations and reservations.

We will be using the blog this year to aid in parental contact and as a handy place to keep calendars and information.

The last week of the school year

This is the last week of the school year.  

We should be done recording our play on Monday.  This play is much shorter than last year’s, so we won’t be inviting parents for a presentation.  We will email you the link when we finish so you can watch it as a family.

Congratulations to Cannon.  He will be in the student council next year.

Thursday and Friday are both short days.  Thursday is clean up and year book day.  Friday we will be having field day.

Thank you for a wonderful school year and for letting me work with your children.  

Tim Stone

Classroom Drama

Just like last year, we will be doing a play.  I anticipate it being set up in the same format as before. Our students will perform the play in the classroom and it will be recorded in chunks.Once it is all put together, parents and guests will be invited to the classroom for a viewing of the recorded performance with the actors/actress.

We have 3 plays that we will present to the students this week.  They will decide which one we are doing.  Their roles will be decided soon after and their costume needs will be sent home for parental assistance.  


Yesterday was our third Monday in a row that we have been sending the students home with fresh homework.  Some of our students are quick to return completed work but there are some that I haven’t gotten anything back from yet.  Please ask your students about homework, if you haven’t seen them doing it on their own.

New Semester

With the end of the 2nd quarter, some students will see a change in their class schedule both in and outside of my classroom.  Almost all of my Junior High students are now in a coding class that will be taking part in my classroom and is being taught by Mrs. St. Germain.  The students are having a blast with this one.  

We also have a few students that are going upstairs to take “everything google” This seems like a class that will be fun and teach skills that could be helpful later on in school and home use.

Student ID Cards

We are hoping to get some help with an issue we are having at the school regarding missing name badges. As stated in our Handbook, “Everyone is required to wear their name badge to attend class (the name badge must be that of the current school year). Please reinforce having name badges as they create a safer environment at the school. To replace a lost name badge, your child will need to pay $5.00 for a new one. A student without a name badge will be referred to the office to call home. Parents/Guardians will be expected to bring their child’s name badge or pay $5.00 for a replacement. Only then will students be allowed to return to class.” Elementary students are to leave their name badges in their classrooms at the end of the day. Jr. High students are encouraged to leave their name badges in their lockers before leaving. To ensure your child receives a full day’s worth of learning in the classroom, please make sure their name badge is left at school and returned the following day if accidentally taken home. Please note, that you have this week as a grace period to either find your child’s lost name badge or replace it for $5.00. Starting Tuesday, January 16 (one week from today), students who do not have name badges will not be attending class until a new one is purchased or their old one is returned. If parents are working when their children call, they are more than welcome to either pay for a badge using a credit card over the phone or to pay online.

Holiday Break

Friday will be a free dress down day.  Many of the teachers and students will take that opportunity to wear “ugly” sweaters.

There will not be any homework going out this week, but feel free to have your student read with you over the break, work with you on counting money or telling time on analog clocks.

Reindeer Run and Thanksgiving Break

Just a reminder, there is no school next week due to Thanksgiving Break.  

Also please check out this link if you are interested in the activities of our Reindeer Run on Dec 2.  This is by far, the biggest fund raiser to help cover the costs of the great activities that happen in Jr. High.