4th Grade Utah Program


We are having a Utah Program at Quest (Q1) Academy, Tuesday April 30 at 6:00PM. All of the 4th grade students will be singing different Utah songs for you. Please have them wear Best dress (what you would wear to a wedding or church) or school uniform please. Please have your student come to my class no later than 550pm so we can start the program as a class. Along with singing, a few students from our room will have speaking parts. These parts can be memorized. We are excited to entertain you all! Invite everyone you know to come-no limit! 

All of the 4th grade kids have created something to show you about our beautiful state. To see what they have created, you may come before the program from 5:00-5:30pm , or after the performance at about 7:00. Our class display will be in our classrooms.



We are reaching the end of our 4th grade year! WOW! We have a lot of fun activities planned and hope to be able to get to all of them to celebrate our hard work this year. In hopes of condensing your “homework,” here is a tentative schedule of fun things we have coming up and a permission slip to sign all at the same time! Some of these dates are subject to change. I will send more information for each activity as we get closer. For now, I have posted some information about our Utah History Program and our BFG projects below. Feel free to reach out with any questions about these activities.


  • April 19: Holes Movie and Cereal Party
  • April 22: Start reading the BFG
  • April 30: Utah Program 6:00pm in the Q1 gym (All are invited!)
  • May 3: Make Solar Ovens
  • May 8-16: RISE testing
  • May 13-15: BFG projects are due at school
  • May 17: BFG project presentations and watch movie
  • May 20: Math Olympiad
  • May 21: Field Trip to the State Capital
  • May 22: Field Day- Lazer tag
  • May 23: Short day, Talent show, Yearbook day
  • May 24: Clean up and class awards and class movie

Utah History Program


We are having a Utah Program at Quest (Q1) Academy. All of the 4th grade students will be singing different Utah songs for you. Best dress (what you would wear to a wedding or church) or school uniform please. Along with singing, 9 students from our room will have speaking parts. They have been notified and need permission sent back. These parts need to be memorized. If your child does not have a speaking part, they are still a vital part of our program and their attendance is crucial to the success of our program.

We are excited to entertain you all! Invite everyone you know to come-no limit! All of the 4th grade kids have created something to show you about our beautiful state. They will be displayed afterwards to see. 


The BFG is a Big Friendly Giant that wants to live among the “human beans.” Our task is to create a practical item that the BFG could use in our world. However, our regular size item will not be big enough.

BFG Project Requirements:

The item your child chooses to make for the BFG must be 4 times the size of a regular “human bean” item. Examples might include a toothbrush, books, car keys, socks, candy bar, etc. (We will go over the math needed to figure out how to enlarge an everyday item.)

The item must be practical. We need to be able to carry the item to and from school easily 😉

Have fun with this project as it is something for them to enjoy using their imagination and creativity for the hard work they have put in all year! Thank you for all you do and your continued support this year!

Yearbook Information, RISE TESTING, and What We Are Learning the Last Two Weeks Before Reviewing Starts on April 22nd…

Last Two Math Lessons of the Year!!!
Last ELA Lesson of the Year!

YEARBOOK INFORMATION: All purchases are online only and may be made through this link HERE. The link may also be found on our website under “Payments” (See snapshot)

  • Elementary ID code: 15110624
  • Junior High ID code: 15110524
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PLEASE HAVE THEM HERE FOR OUR REVIEWING WINDOW. APRIL 15-MAY 3rd. We have end-of-year testing right around the corner.  It is very important that your child attends school during the review weeks and testing days. Please let me know if your student will not be attending school on any of the testing days.  WE ARE REVIEWING EVERY DAY!  It is also important that they get a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast, and here ON TIME. All of our tests are first thing in the morning. Our testing window is May 8th – May 17th.

I will let the children chew sugar-free peppermint gum or mints during the RISE test.  Research does show that peppermint helps calm anxiety in students. Please let me know if you do not want your child to have gum during the tests. Please sign this form to allow your child to chew gum during testing. SIGN HERE


Please note these dates on your calendars:

SCIENCE #1: WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 8:45-10:00
SCIENCE #2: THURSDAY, MAY 9, 8:45-10:00

ELA (English/Language Arts)/READING
ELA #1: MONDAY, MAY 13, 8:45-10:00
ELA #2: TUESDAY, MAY 14, 8:45-10:00

Math #1: WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 8:45-10:00
Math #2: THURSDAY, MAY 16, 8:45-10:00
Math #3: FRIDAY, MAY 17, 8:45-10:00

MAKE-UP sessions are held on Fridays

Field Trip Chaperones 3/28

Here is who will be bringing a parent with them for the field trip next Thurs March 28th.

  1. Richie Salerno
  2. Trinity Devine
  3. Kynslie Price
  4. Will Wayment
  5. Zoey Leato
  6. Tegan Morris

I have drawn 6 chaperones for the field trip next week Thurs. March 28th. You have been chosen to accompany us. If you can NO LONGER make it please let me know ASAP.

You will need to meet us at the frontrunner station between 745-800am to be given your group. You will need to ride the train with us to Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake. Please do not bring smaller children with you. We don’t have the accommodation’s for them at the planetarium. You will need to pay the discounted $8 adult donation to the office before we go. You will also need to bring a lunch with you.

Between two chaperones per group you will have 8 students to be in charge of while on this field trip. Thank you so much,Your students love when parents come along.

Mrs Peay

Upcoming 3/4-3/8

  • March 10– Daylight Savings Begins
  • March 15– Spring Pictures – see flyer
  • March 15– Daddy/Daughter Dance 6-8 pm see flyer
  • March 15– 3rd Term Ends
  • March 17– St. Patrick’s Day
  • March 22– Mother/Son Dance 6-8 pm see flyer
  • March 28– Field trip Clark Planetarium 8:00-2:45pm
  • March 29– $1 Dress Down Day
  • March 29– Yearbook Sales Deadline
  • March 31– Easter Sunday
  • April 1-5– Spring Break- NO SCHOOL


Friday, March 15 will be our Spring Picture Day. Students will be allowed to wear the clothing of their choice for photos, so this will be a free dress down day for all students.

Please see the attached flier for information on ordering a photo package.

**Please note that Lifetouch will be photographing only those students who have prepaid for a photo package. **

Fourth Grade Field Trip to Clark Planetarium Thursday, March 28th, 2024

Please fill out this google form to give your student permission

Please pay the Quest Q1 office the following donation: (this donation just helps offset fees)

Adult chaperones: $8 *if chosen as a class chaperone.

Student planetarium: $3

FIELD DAY FUN: $2 *While you are paying these fees, please pay the field day donation too. 

I will be lottery choosing 6 chaperones for the Field Trip. Please indicate on teh google form if interested.

We will be using the Frontrunner. Students will need to be dropped off and picked up at the Roy station by their guardians. There will NOT be transportation from Quest to or from the train station.

DROP OFF: Students should plan to arrive at the station no later than 8:00 AM.  THE TRAIN will pull out at 8:15am  THERE WILL NOT BE A TEACHER AT THE STATION BEFORE 7:45am TO TEND ANY CHILD.

PICK UP: We will arrive back at the Roy station at 2:45PM. STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP BETWEEN 2:45-3:00 pm. 

Please indicate on the google form if your stufent will be needing a school lunch or home lunch. If you didn’t order a sack lunch from the school, send your child with a lunch that day that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. They will carry their own lunches. If they did order school lunch, it will be given to them that morning. 

Send your child with a small jacket, bags/backpack to carry their lunches and a water bottle. No electronic devices (games/phones) are allowed on the field trip. They may bring something small to play with on the Frontrunner. For example, a deck of cards, small pack of crayons/notebook, or a figurine/fidget toy. Nothing that will bounce away from them or cause a mess. No gum. Apply sunscreen beforehand and send some if your child may need more. We will be eating lunch outside.

Email your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


Fourth Grade Teachers

Valentines Day is Coming!

Valentine’s Day will be coming up quickly. Students will be allowed to bring a decorated Valentine’s box or envelope from home and Valentine’s to share with each other. We have 25 students in our class. Please do not write the To: names on them, its too hard to pass out. Students will be allowed to bring store-bought only CANDY Valentines or little prizes if they so choose! Please fill out this form allowing your child to participate in the Valentine’s Treat Pass Out. This will be held during the last 30 minutes of class that day.

Our Student Council will also be selling Friend-Grams which can be purchased Feb. 5-9th starting at 7:45 in the lobbies of both Q1 and Q2. The Friend-Grams will be $.25 each. This is a fun way for students to share a message of friendship with a classmate or staff member. Each Friend-Gram will have a small treat attached and delivered to classrooms on Wednesday, February 14.