Option To Buy-Out Volunteer Hours

Are you having a difficult time getting your volunteer hours? Would you like to help the school and buy out your hours?  A donation of $150 will take care of your 30 hours for the 2018-2019 school year. If you don’t need your full 30 hours you can make a donation of $5 per hour you need. This donation will be used to put nice stamped cement along the front of the school where the grass won’t grow and creates a mud mess. 

If you’re interested in volunteering and need ideas, please contact your students teacher or POQA. 

If you have contact information for a person who lays cement or a person who can move a tree, please let Kitty McKissen at 
poqavp@gmail.com know.

If you are unsure how many hours you have, refer to the email you received the beginning of the month from Help Counter or contact Catherine Sumner at 
csumner@questac.org  Please take your cash or check donation to Q1 or Q2 office.  If you need a receipt, let the office ladies know and POQA will gladly write one for you. Thank you for volunteering and helping make Quest the BEST!!!

End of Q3 Near

Quarter 3 will end soon (March 22nd).  Please log into TeacherEase and review your student’s current grades & look for any missing assignments.  Please contact Miss Saunders or Mrs. Smith with any concerns. No changes to Q3 grades can be made after the quarter ends.