S through W


S- STEM activities. We will be doing some simple STEM activities today.

T-Talent Day. Be ready to show off a talent to the class.  Note: This is not show-and-tell.  This is a Talent Show.

U-Under Our Desk Day. We will do an activity underneath our desks.

V-Video Day. We will watch a video.

W-Watercolor Day. We will paint with watercolors today.

Weber County Library Summer Reading Program

The below link is for the Weber County Summer Program, all you have to do is register & start reading.  :)

Students can also down ebooks & audiobooks from the library system, here is the link for that as well.
Once they click on the link above, they can choose what app to download for the ebooks or audiobooks.  This is a fabulous resource for those who cannot make it to the libraries over the summer.

Snacks for Read-a-thon Day

Friday is R-Read-a-thon Day and students requested they be allowed to bring in snacks.  I agreed to their request, but will not be furnishing the snacks.  If students want to eat snacks during the Read-a-thon, they have to bring it from home.  You are welcome to pack a few extra snacks/treats/food items in your student’s backpack on Friday.

Utah State Fair Reading Program

For reading 10 books, students can get:
  • One children’s admission ticket to the Utah State Fair! (this individual ticket can be used any one day of the Fair.)
  • Coupon for a free drink, redeemable at the State Fair Store
  • Coupon for one free carnival ride courtesy of Thomas Carnival. Redeemable during the Fair (limited number availableget your entry in early)
  • Ribbon Bookmark courtesy of the International Association of Fairs & Expositions
Download the entry form and get all the information from this website:


N through R


N-New Name Day. We will all have a new name to go by today.

O- Outside activities. We will go outside for one of our lessons.

P-Picnic day. If the weather is good, we will have our lunch outside picnic-style.

Q-Quickest, Fastest, Strongest Day. We will have class Olympics.

R-Read-a-thon Day. Bring a book and get ready to read.


Hello friends, 
as we are testing tomorrow and throughout next week, it is essential that we get enough sleep (about 8 hours) and start our days with a good breakfast!
Equally as important, is a happy heart and positive attitude! We can do this, we are superb!

Relax Learn