Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled to be held Tuesday, January 29 and Thursday, January 31. Please sign up for the available day and time that works best for your schedule. Please be on time for your conference, as I will follow the schedule exactly. If you need to change an already scheduled conference day and time, please email me 24 hours before your scheduled conference day and time.

I look forward to meeting with you and your child soon!

Sign up here

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Weekly Update

We finished our I-Ready Diagnostic Week! Overall, I am very pleased with the results. As a class, we show a lot of growth. I have gone over the results individually with each student, and will go over them with parents at Parent Teacher Conferences in a few weeks. Everyone worked really hard, and I am proud of you all!
This week:
In Math, we will finish up our fractions unit, learning how to divide unit fractions by whole numbers. The video and practice pages are posted under the Math Minute section on the blog. 
In Science, we will have the unit test on Earth’s Surface. 
In Reading, we will continue with finding the Key Details and Main Idea. 
Have a great week, everyone!
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Mother Son Dance

Dance Poster
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Weekly Update

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful break and is ready to get back to work!
Here is what we will be learning this week:
Math: We will finish up with multiplying fractions, solving real-world problems. 
Science: We will continue going to Mrs. Parr to work on Earth’s Surface and Landforms.
Reading: We will focus on finding the key details and the main idea, and asking good questions as we read. 
Writing: We will continue working on our rough draft of an opinion essay. 
Have a great week everyone!

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Global Lit Project

What is our Global Community?

 Each year in the Q1 library, we like to encourage students to share their family’s heritage during our Global Literacy week.  In year’s past we’ve done a Diversity Quilt, which showed family traditions & flags representing the family’s origins.  We’ve also done a “Peace” wall to show the different languages in which our diverse population of students would say the word Peace.  This year I would like to display on a map where our students come from.  Show them a visual of our “Global Community” here at Quest.  By doing this we would like to know what State or Country your student was born, or if your student would prefer, where their family originates from.  We will then put their name on a “sticky” arrow & place them on the map.  I think this will be a fun way to show how diverse our student population is here in West haven, Utah. 

 For responding, your students name will also be entered into a drawing to win a small prize here in the library.  There will be one winner per class.

 It really is fun to see where we all originate from & have the students start thinking a little more Globally.  Also possibly finding a kinship with students from the same areas of the world.  

 Thank you for participating!

Mrs. Anderson

Q1 Librarian

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Weekly Update

Have a wonderful Winter Break!!! I will see you all back on January 2.
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Christmas Stem Fun!

IMG_0140 IMG_0135 IMG_0141 IMG_0142 IMG_0139IMG_0135IMG_0137IMG_0136IMG_0133IMG_0138IMG_0132IMG_0128IMG_0143

he Challenge: Build the tallest Christmas Tree possible with straws and play dough. And the winners are: Addie, Aurora, Guramanat, and Trinity with a 2 ft. 10 inch tree. Great job, girls!
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Weekly Update

It’s the last week before Winter Break!
This week in Math we will finish and test on Lesson 15 – Multiplication as Scaling. The test will be on Tuesday. 
This is the week for our Growth Monitoring Assessments on I-Ready, with the Reading Check on Tuesday and the Math Check on Wednesday. 
In ELA, we will continue learning about Finding the Theme and Summarizing a Text. 
Science will continue with Earth’s Surface and Landforms. 
Don’t forget our class party on Friday! If you haven’t filled out the permission slip, make sure you get it done ASAP.
Have a great week!
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Weekly Update

This week in Math, we will test on Lesson 14: Multiplying Fractions using an Area Model on Tuesday. Wednesday we will start Lesson 15: Multiplication as Scaling. There is a new video and Homework practice posted. Please take a few minutes and do it. Practice, Practice, Practice!
In Science, we’re learning about Earth’s Surface and Landforms. 
In ELA, we are working on Summarizing a Text and Finding the Theme – the lesson a story teaches. 
Have a great week!
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Christmas Party


On December 14th, our class will be having our Christmas Party. Students will be participating in a variety of activities within the different 5th Grade Classrooms. One of those activities will involve a treat. Please sign the permission slip below letting me know if your student is allowed to have the treat.

Permission Slip
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