Sign-ups for Student-Led Conferences and More!!

Student-Led Conferences will be coming up on Tuesday, February 2nd, and Wednesday, February 3rd. I am looking forward to discussing your child’s success! Once again, conferences will be virtual on Zoom. Please click on the link to sign up for a time to meet.

Remember- No School Monday, January 18th!

Students had a fun week learning about why people run for public office. In our class, all students were asked to write a paper and answer the question- “If I Were President.” They were invited to share their paper with the rest of the class. Students came up with some great ideas and reasons why they would make a great class president. We held an election, and everyone voted. I am pleased to announce our first Class President for Mrs. Garrett’s 2021 class is Zander Phillips, with Callie Cooper as Vice President and Logan Anderson as Secretary.

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School breakfasts AND lunches are still FREE (for students) and will remain free until the end of the school year!

If you are an e-learner, you can get free meals too! If you would like to participate in free breakfasts and lunches, please notify our lunch manager Madeline Chestnut or call the Quest office. E-learner meal pickups are on Fridays.

This week in class we are learning…

This week in ELA we are learning about why people run for public office.
I Can Add and Sub Mixed Numbers!

Friday, 1/15 – Early Out @ 1:00

Monday, 1/18 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL

February 2 & 3 – Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences

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Rendezvous News:
We will be having our annual 4th grade Rendezvous (a.k.a. the Economics Fair) the last week before Christmas Break on FRIDAY, December 18th at 9:00 AM. In the past, this event has been open to parents and the entire 4th grade has participated. However, due to COVID-19, this will just be for our classroom and only students will participate.

To be ready for this event, students will need to make 28 products or plan a service to “sell” during the rendezvous (please keep the expense very low. I recommend making each item well under the value of $1. Be creative and use things you already have. Nature if filled with free supplies.) Some examples are (but not limited to):



Use your imagination. We have had in the past: flower pens, play dough, slime, hand warmers, jewelry, and other simple crafts. You pick what you would like to bring. The kids will be learning about economics this month. But as their parent, talk to them about why it is a good sales strategy to make something that no one else has. That way, you can charge more for the product because you won’t have any competition. HIGH DEMAND=MORE SALES/PROFIT  ;) Your overall profit will reward you with bragging rights. We don’t use any “real” money.

From now until the rendezvous, students will have the opportunity to earn “animal pelts.” This is our form of money/currency given out to be used to buy things at the rendezvous from other students. You will turn in your paper pelts afterwards. Whatever you choose to make should be homemade. Students should use materials that can be found around the house to make their product. Any cost involved in purchasing materials should be minimal. Students will need to make 28 items to sell.  Please let the students make this product/service with minimal help from grown ups.  Rendezvous items are due THURSDAY, December 17th. This will assure that students are ready to sell that week. It will also give time for teachers to help students price their product and make a poster in class. AGAIN, the product posters are being made in class.

Lastly, please fill out this Google Form to allow your student to participate. 

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

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Christmas Party Food Permission Form!

Krispy Kreme Just Revealed Its Lineup of Christmas Doughnuts for 2020

I forgot to include the permission form! Part of the plans for the Christmas party is donuts and soda/lemonade! Please sign HERE to give your child permission to eat food.

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Happening this Week in ELA and Math!

ELA- How can words lead to change?

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Holiday Party Information

9 Mistletoe Kisses in Movies | Funny christmas wallpaper, Grinch christmas  decorations, Christmas phone wallpaper backgrounds

Our class will be celebrating the holidays in our room on December 18th. Due to COVID, we are not having any parent helpers attend. We will be staying in our room and having the teachers move from room to room with their activity. We have an early out this day (1:00) and students can wear a Christmas (ugly or cute) sweater.

TOP 5 - GALLINÉE CHRISTMAS WISH LIST | Gallinée Skin Care blog

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for our classroom…here are some ideas.

I love receiving and REALLY like giving back to my class. I always enjoy getting supplies to share in our room. Dry erase markers, thin or thick tip. Ear buds are in desperate need. A teacher can never have enough pencils. If you want to send a small trinket for the students, my class has 27 kiddos.

Amazon gift cards-I love to buy things for my room

Teacher Pay Teacher gift card

Never could go wrong with Twisted Sugar Cookies!

One last idea, if you can afford it. I have families that haven’t paid their classroom donation fee of $25. I use this money to buy supplies, art projects, prizes, STEM, birthday gifts, and earbuds. I think because parents haven’t come in the building this year, it may have gotten overlooked. Our science this year has lots of hands on projects, but I can hold these activities without purchasing the supplies. Please, log in online and send our class some extra funds if you can. THANKS SO MUCH!

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Dollar Dress Down Day!

December 4th, is Dollar Dress Down Day! Students many pay $1 to wear street clothes. Please make sure their attire is in accordance to our school’s dress code policy;)
(Student participation is optional. Students are welcome to wear a Quest Spirit shirt with uniform pants or traditional uniforms).
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Mark Your Calendars!

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Book Fair!

Click here to check out all the wonderful books for sale! 

Quest Families,

Bitmoji Image

 Happy Halloween! We are planning on having a modified version of our annual Halloween parade on Friday, October 30th. Because the parade will start at 9:00am, we ask that students come to school already dressed in their costumes. There will be a virtual option and an on-campus option for parents and relatives to watch our on-campus elementary kiddos parade in their costumes. To watch our parade from home, parents will be sent a link to a YouTube live streaming session. Students will be recorded as they pass by the office, one class at a time, and you’ll be able to see them in all their Halloween splendor! For those who would like to attend the parade for their on-campus children, they should bring camping chairs or blankets and set them up along the outside of either building (see attached map—the yellow dots indicate where families can sit). Everyone watching the parade on campus needs to be wearing a mask and should position themselves as close to the building as possible to allow our students to parade on the sidewalks surrounding the schools. Families should also allow six feet between them and neighboring families. Although individual teachers may choose to have other Halloween festivities throughout the day, we will not be asking for parent volunteers this year. Also, afternoon kindergarten families will receive information from their child’s teacher regarding their parade.

 E-learner students are welcome to dress up as well. Their teachers will let them know when they can show off their costumes from home via Zoom/Google Meet. So that the ENTIRE school can see our e-learners in their costumes, we ask parents to take pictures of their children and send them to Angelee Spader ( no later than Thursday, Oct. 29th. We will make a video compilation of these pictures and share it with all our students.

 Costume guidelines:

 Please note that costumes should be modest and without blood or gore. Also, face coverings must also be worn throughout the entire day. Students are welcome to paint their faces and wear Halloween masks; however, those masks will only be worn when directed to do so by the classroom teacher (e.g. during the parade, when a class picture is taken, etc). Weapons and anything that depicts violence are not allowed on school property (knives, guns, swords, spears, etc.). If you have questions about costume accessories, please contact us. Just to reiterate, no blood, either depicted on the costume or in makeup, is allowed. 

We are excited to continue this tradition at Quest! We hope these precautions will allow us to celebrate in a fun, memorable way!

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Important Reminders and Information!! PLEASE READ ALL


Quest Families,

We are excited to start offering breakfast this upcoming Monday! Breakfast, just like lunch, will be free to ALL students. Please note that these meals will be free until June! Though we originally thought this offer would end in December, this waiver from the government has been extended!

To start, breakfasts will be simple and more of a grab-and-go option provided in the Q1 lunchroom. A sample breakfast might include a muffin, a fruit, and milk. Jr. high students are welcome to enter the Q1 building through the front doors as early as 7:45am. By 8:00am, they should be heading back to Q2. Elementary students may enter Q1 at 8:00am. At 8:20am, elementary students will go outside to meet their teachers.

Please note that half-day kindergartners and e-learner kindergarteners are welcome to take advantage of these meals as well. These parents may contact Madeline Chestnut ( if they are interested or if they have any questions.

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