Friday plans

Free Dress Down Day. Wear an ugly Christmas Sweater or anything school appropriate. 
Sing-a-long with 3rd and 5th grade: 9:45. 
Christmas Celebration: 10:30-12:00; Read-a-thon with Blankets, very small pillow and stuffed friend.
Students may bring a Book from home to read for about 30 minutes. They can bring snacks/candy to eat during this time. They may not share any snacks with other students. They may only drink water from a water bottle during this time. Then we will watch a Christmas Movie: Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas (rated G). We won’t need any parents to help this day or any permission given to participate. *If the student doesn’t bring a book, they will not be able to participate.
Short Day, Christmas holiday starts at 1:30pm.

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New math information

In an effort to try to streamline things, weekly math tests will be given on Fridays. Please ensure that your child is able to come if at all possible. I know sometimes we feel they won’t miss much on a “short day” but we actually do a lot of work on those short days. Thank you for your help.Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 1.14.24 PM

Library Project

Where are you from?

A note from the librarian:

What is our Global Community?

Each year in the Q1 library, we like to encourage students to share
their family’s heritage during our Global Literacy week. In year’s
past we’ve done a Diversity Quilt, which showed family traditions
& flags representing the family’s origins. We’ve also done a
“Peace” wall to show the different languages in which our diverse
population of students would say the word Peace. This year I
would like to display on a map where our students come from.
Show them a visual of our “Global Community” here at Quest. By
doing this we would like to know what State or Country your
student was born, or if your student would prefer, where their
family originates from. We will then put their name on a “sticky”
arrow & place them on the map. I think this will be a fun way to
show how diverse our student population is here in West haven,
For responding, your students name will also be entered into a
drawing to win a small prize here in the library. There will be one
winner per class.
It really is fun to see where we all originate from & have the
students start thinking a little more Globally. Also possibly finding
a kinship with students from the same areas of the world. 

Thank you for participating!
Mrs. Anderson
Q1 Librarian