Report Cards (Final Mastery)

Dear Parents – There will be an email sent out from the administration about teacherease and accessing the students fourth quarter grades. The report cards will be sent home tomorrow, since some students won’t be returning the final three days of school. I will be sending home a report card that is from “Aspire” the old program. We have not been using this program until this final report card. On it will ONLY be their Mastery level for the ENTIRE year. Which is their mastery of each subject of Math, ELA (reading, writing, language), and Science. The PRIDE or citizenship grades are all Satisfactory on the report card. On teacherease you will see their end of level grade for citizenship. I had MANY students receive Honors and wanted their parents to see it on teacherease, but we didn’t do that on aspire. Sorry if there is any confusion.
I will also send home their final SEP form, this will show their progress through out the year. I am so proud of these students. They had a lot of new programs to face and testing strategies different from previous years. They did awesome and it shows. I will miss all of them. Thank you for letting me be apart of theirs and your lives. Have a fabulous summer and enjoy 6th grade!
Mrs. Young

PS – to put in simple terms - 
Sent home report cards – Aspire- ONLY final mastery grade- NO citizenship
On line report cards – teacherease – All grades, all quarters, combined for the year, citizenship
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Field Day Treats:

Field day will be Wednesday, May 29th. As part of the activities, we would like to provide the students with a cookie and a Capri Sun, as a treat. Please give permission below allowing your student to have one. The cookies will be a variety of Grandma’s Cookies. Please click on the link below to see the different types. If a different type is needed, please let me know.

Permission Slip
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Here are some links if you want to stay reading during the summer!
PLEASE, check them out to motivate your children to ALWAYS READ!

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Final Weeks and Projects:

Here is the low down: All work will be done in class except for the State Float. Students should have brought home a paper yesterday with full criteria for the float and the state they were assigned. The rest of the projects will be done in class and turned in. If they do not finish it during their schedule time, they will have Fun Friday time to work on it. The students will have plenty of scheduled time during the day for each project.
If students want to check out books from other libraries or do research at home for their state report they can, but please leave their note packet at school. I will have a link with all the pages they are researching here at school, but do not want them to take it home for fear of losing, the research notes are a big part of this standards grade.
Projects we are working on in class:
*State Reports:Research, Essay, Google Tour, and Float
*Poetry Unit Packet
*5th Grade Memory Book
*Math Mystery
State Research and Float Project 
PS – Date may be wrong on the link for due date. But these are the papers they are using in class.

(Most students have finished the RISE, Iready Diagnostic, and Dibels/Daze those who still need to finish may be called out of class during different times, but should not feel rushed. I am so proud of all my students. They have worked hard and it shows in their scores. I will miss this great group of kiddos. It has been an amazing year! I will miss you all! Happy Summer!!!

Final Important Dates:
  • May 17 – Final Classroom Store / Board game party
  • May 23 – State Floats are due and presented 1:30 – 2:30 parents can take their student and float home after the presentation.
  • May 24 – Final “Master Up” awards and keychains —Also all school items must go home and lockers cleaned out, with locks turned in. If you do not have your lock you will have to pay for it.
  • May 27 – Memorial Day (NO School)
  • May 28 – 30 Short day schedules
  • May 29 – Field Day
  • May 30 – Last Day of School
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Maturation Materials from Administration:


Due to recent changes in legislation and policy, Quest has opted to provide parents an opportunity to access maturation resources electronically. Feel free to take some time to watch the below video with your son or daughter and respond to any questions they may have. These videos are the same as those which have been used in past years. Please note that the first link will direct you to the boys maturation video and the second link to the girls video. We hope that providing these materials electronically will allow you to access them at your convenience and support positive communications about maturation between you and your child.



Attachments area

Preview YouTube video Always Changing and Growing Up | Boys Puberty Education Video

Always Changing and Growing Up | Boys Puberty Education Video

Preview YouTube video Always Changing and Growing Up | Girls Puberty Education Video

Always Changing and Growing Up | Girls Puberty Education Video


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RISE testing Schedule

Monday – May 6
8:45 -9:45 Science

2:00 -3:00 Writing

Tuesday – May 7
8:45 – 9:45 Science

2:00 -3:00 Writing

Wednesday – May 8
8:45 -9:45 Math

2:00 -3:00 Reading

Thursday – May 9
8:45-9:45 Math

2:00 – 3:00 Reading

Friday – May 10
Finish up and Party!!!

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Hello - 
Here is a link to sign up and help to finish your volunteer hours up! WE need help for the carnival. It is fun and a great way to meet the fabulous families, administration, and staff at QUEST!
After all… we are the BEST!
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This Week April 29 – May 3 AND the rest of the year!!!

April 29 to May 3 -
We will be doing our iReady End of Level Diagnostic! Basically it will show the kiddos and us how much they have grown this year. It is really important that kids come to school on time and stay the whole day. We will be having breaks in between and the Math and Reading test will take the entire week, possibly more for some. There is no time limit, but the testing set for a limited time each day so the students don’t over do it. Dibels and Daze will also be given. This is their reading fluency test, and their close read vocabulary. The administration uses these tests as guides to help set the classrooms for next year. Remind your child it is their time to SHINE!!! 

NEXT week is RISE!!! I am so excited for them on this. I know how hard we have worked and strived to challenge our classes this year. iReady was a big help too, with their rigorous questions and helping all of us learn a different way of doing math. I feel very confident in all my students and know they are ready to face the challenges of 6th grade next year. Quest is always going above and beyond and this year, I felt it, in the classroom, wth every single student being challenged on their level and accomplishing holes they may have missed in previous years. I can’t express how proud I am of this wonderful class. I will truly miss you all.

After All testing is through… we will have a party. I will post more on that next week. PLEASE sign the permission slip for all food items during the RISE test! Remember we are doing RISE in one week instead of two. That means a morning test and an afternoon test. Only miss if it is an emergency.

This Week:
Monday -
9:00 -9:45 – iReady Math Diagnostic

1:00 – 1:45 – iReady Reading Diagnostic
and pulling students to do their DIBELS testing

9:00 -9:45 – iReady Math Diagnostic

1:00 – 1:45 – iReady Reading Diagnostic
and pulling students to do their DIBELS testing

Wednesday -
9:00 -9:45 – iReady Math Diagnostic

1:00 – 1:45 – iReady Reading Diagnostic
and pulling students to do their DIBELS testing

Finish up all diagnostics and take the DAZE test on line.

Friday – Fun Day: We will be doing some fun activities with art, and STEM…Come back ready for RISE on Monday, May 6 – 10!!!!
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Rise Testing Permission Slip

Hello Parents -
Our wonderful administration provides replenishment during our RISE testing week. Please sign the permission slip below and check any food that your child CANNOT have!
Thanks so much for your help during this week. Another post will  come shortly with schedules for the upcoming weeks.

Permission Slip
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Election Outcome!

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