Free Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and lunch for students will be FREE for the 2021-2022 school year.

Breakfast is provided prior to the start of class (7:45-8:20am). Students eating breakfast should go directly to the lunchroom when they arrive at the school. Parents are welcome to accompany their child to the lunchroom for breakfast. Breakfast will be available for the students on the first day of class.

For lunch, students will choose either a hot or cold entree. They will also have access to our full salad bar with a variety of fruits and vegetables. The breakfast and lunch menu can be found at the following link. Quest Academy‚Äôs Menu

Our lunchroom staff will be available during Back to School night to answer questions and to allow the students to see the lunchroom. If your child has any allergies, this is a great time to talk with the staff. Note: All allergies need to be documented in Aspire.

You may contact Madeline Chestnut ( if you have any questions.

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