What we’re learning this week

Now that most of the student know all their letter names and sounds, we are working on letter naming fluency. The goal is to name 55 random letters (upper or lower) in 1 minute (that’s about 1 letter per second…that’s fast)! They enjoy letter flashcard games and I encourage you to practice at home, along with reading the take-home decodables (decodables are sent home on Wednesdays). You have all been so wonderful at working with your children at home. Thank you!!

Here’s a quick overview of new things we will learn this week:

Comprehension strategy: “Visualize” . We will read a fictional story, a fantasy and an informational text to go along with our theme “What places do you go during the week?”

New High Frequency Word: “go”

Phonics:blend and isolate sounds in CVC words. New sound/spelling: Cc

Sound Wall: /u/ as in spoon, /w/ as in window, /j/ as in jump, and /oi/ as in boy.

Vocabulary: routine, neighborhood, local, intelligent, volunteer

Math: Lesson 11 “Make 6, 7, 8, and 9” and continue learning the routine for math pathways. Students have time 3 days a week to work on our math power standards at their own pace during math pathways time.

Fun Friday Nov. 19th: Thanksgiving Pizza Feast. We will be reading a Thanksgiving book called “Turkey Trouble” and enjoying a slice of pizza (which goes along with the storyline of the book). The pizza will be the same pizza that is served that day in the lunchroom to the rest of the school. (Please let me know if you prefer your child not having a slice of pizza that day msonntag@questac.org)

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