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Rendezvous & Christmas Class Party INFO

Always have your kiddo read for 20 mins. I love them to play/practice multiplication facts!!!
rendMONDAY, DECEMBER 16th all Rendezvous items are due. We will be making signs in class that day. I will provide all the materials for the sign making. You are in-charge of their project. Our rendezvous activity will be December 19th 2:15-3:00, Q1 gym. All parents/grandparents/etc. are welcome to attend. I will give you some pelts to buy from the kids while you visit. 
downloadDecember 20-Our class Christmas party is coming soon and parents often ask if their children can bring candy to share for the 
party. According to our wellness policy, students are not allowed to bring treats to share. If you would like to bring a gift to handout, it cannot be any type of food.

Our Christmas party will be the last day of school before Winter break, December 20. We will be rotating with the other 4th grade teachers. Our rotations will begin at 10:00-11:40. Students will stay in our room for 20 mins and move to the other rooms every 20 mins. Parent volunteers are always welcome.  If  you would like to help in any way please message me.   

REMEMBER it is early out at 1:00 and we don’t come back until January 6th. Friday, December 20 is a FREE dress down day. Merry Christmas and Have a wonderful New Year celebration!!!
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