Volunteer Hours Opportunity

POQA is offering an additional way to meet your 30 volunteer hours for the school year.

You can donate $5 per volunteer hour needed.  This donation will be used to install stamped cement along the front of the school where the grass struggles to grow.  

POQA is also looking for recommendations for a person who lays cement and a person who can move a tree. Send referral information to Kitty McKissen at 

If you are unsure how many hours you have, refer to an email you received the beginning of the month from Help Counter or contact Catherine Sumner at 

Please take your cash or check donation to Q1 or Q2 office.  If you need a receipt, let the office ladies know and POQA will gladly write one for you. Thank you for volunteering and helping make Quest the BEST!

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Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic book orders dueScholastic book orders are due this week (March 15th by 3pm).  If you want to order books, you can find the link to Scholastic on my blog. You can also find more books and other items for sale on this Scholastic website.  Our class code is N8L7W. For every dollar you spend we receive points towards purchasing books for our classroom.  This is a great way to build your child’s reading skills and also build our available classroom book supply.  This month, parents can pick a free book (up to $5) when they place an online order of $25 or more (use code: READS). 
Thank you for your support. 

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February Reading Race Winner

 imageWe are pleased to announce the winner of the Reading Race for February:  Both Morning and Afternoon classes Won!!!  Way to go!!! Both classes read over 300 books during the month of February. To celebrate our win, we will be reading “If You Give a dog a donut”, and we will be eating donuts.  Thank you for reading with your children.  Please remember to keep read their baggy books at least three times every night. We will be celebrating our party on (Friday) March 8th. Please let me know if you do not want your child to eat a donut or if your child will be absent. 

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Quest Musical

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Q and U Wedding is Cancelled

Due to scheduling conflicts the Q and U wedding that was planned for Thursday will be cancelled. We will not be dressing up that day. Please remind kids to wear their school uniforms. So sorry for the changes.

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Q and U Wedding

  Parents are also welcome to attend
Q and U invite

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Q and U Wedding March 7th

It is an exciting time in our classroom!  The wedding of Q and U is scheduled to take place on March 7th. This is a very fun day in our classroom that is planned to help the children remember the sound q, and to reinforce that q and u are always written together. 

We are planning a dress-up day for the children on this day.  The children are welcome to come dressed as queens and kings or in their best dress.  There is no need to go out and buy anything new for this occasion, a simple king or queen costume or fancy dress clothes are sufficient. 

We are also asking the children to bring a gift for the new couple (Q and U).  Please find any item or picture that has the “qu” sound (ie: quarter, equator, quilt, etc.) in the word and put it in a gift bag or wrap it.  We will be opening it at school and then sending them back home after the activity.

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Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine's DayFebruary 14th, we will be having our class Valentine’s Day party. Children are welcome to bring a valentine for their fellow classmates, but please no treats are allowed.  We have 24 students in the AM class and 20 in the PM Class (please do not write who the valentine is for on the card, this makes passing out valentines very difficult).  Also, the children are welcome to bring a decorated valentines box to hold their valentines in.  This is purely optional; please do not feel like you have to create a box.  I will be providing a bag for students who do not bring a box.  

If you would like to help with our class Valentine’s party coming up on Feb. 14th, please email our class room mom below.

AM Class:  (Lyndsey Ehinger)   lmehinger@gmail.com

PM Class:  (Jan Smith)  Janmsmith91@gmail.com

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Field Trip February 8th

Field trip

This is just a reminder that February 8th (Friday) is our field trip to the Treehouse. Both Classes (morning and afternoon kindergarten classes) meet at school at 8:30am.  The children will be dismissed at 12:00.

Every student in my class needs to wear a red shirt.
Please email me if you are will to be a chaperon: smcbride@questac.org 
NO SIBLINGS!  The Tree House does not allow sibling to come on the field trip

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Our Big Reading Competition

reading competition

We are so excited to start our class’s February reading competition.  This is a contest between the morning kindergarten class verses the afternoon kindergarten class.  Every day that your child brings back their baggy book they will get one point for their team. We will also pick random days that will be double points day, this is where the children will get two points instead of one point for the book they passed off.   The team that has the most points at the end of each month will win a class party.  Your child should be returning their baggy book every week at least twice a week.  Parents, we need your help to encourage your child to read every night and bring back their books every other day.  Thank you for all your help and support.  

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