End of Level Testing

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WOW!!! It’s hard to think about this year being over in just a few short weeks. It seems like we were just getting started and now it’s almost the end of the year. Your students will be taking their reading end of level state testing assessment tomorrow morning! Have a little pep talk with them. We have been working really hard on their comprehension retell as it is so heavily weighted that they can restate what they read in the story in their own words.

Next week your student(s) will begin taking their End of Year  (EOY) i-Ready computer diagnostic assessments for Language Arts  and Math. Your students will also be assessed on their state required Math assessment Thursday afternoon.

Please help your student(s) come to school prepared and ready to go by, getting a good night sleep and, eating a good breakfast. Having your student(s) to school on time will also help. It gives students a chance to play and  “Chill Out” with friends before taking their tests. We will be giving the kids a snack to help them gear up for testing success! Please remind your student to take their time and to just do their very best.

Summer Reading Programs

 Barnes and Noble Book Store

Storytelling with solid fill Utah State Fair – Read and Win

Storytelling with solid fill Pizza Hut – Camp Book It

Storytelling with solid fill Weber County Library

Storytelling with solid fill Davis County Library

Storytelling with solid fill Utah State Library – All Together Now

Storytelling with solid fill Scholastic Home Base

Storytelling with solid fill

Storytelling with solid fill

STEEM Project

We will be doing a fun STEM activity based on the book “Ricky the Rock That Couldn’t Roll”. Please send a small flat rock to school with your child by May 6th. The rock should be big enough to draw a face on and fit well in your child’s hand. 

Field Trip to Thanksgiving Point on Tuesday, May 21st!

We have been granted a scholarship to attend a field trip to the Ancient Life Museum at Thanksgiving Point! We will be riding the Frontrunner and will need as many chaperones as we can get! Students must be at the train station at 8:00am. Teachers will be at the train station at 7:45am. Our train leaves at 8:15am and returns at 2:45pm from the Roy Frontrunner station. Students must be picked up from the FrontRunner station at 2:45pm. The train ticket fees are included for everyone. We are allotted 6 paid chaperones per class. The fee for the exhibit is $6 for chaperones after our allotted fees. If you can chaperone we would be very grateful and appreciative!

Field Trip Permission Form